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Hiring Process

Hiring Process

If you have been involved with In-Home Care, there is a possibility that you did not have a great experience with the caregiver that was given to you or your loved one. There are many agencies that do not pay attention to the caregivers they are hiring. At times it can feel as if they just hired blindly. Not making sure that the applicant is a right choice for a caregiver position.

Unfortunately, that is the norm in this industry. In-Home Care gets a bad rep for the right reason. Over and over again you hear stories of no shows, theft, neglect, etc. It bothers me to my core that anybody would allow these things to happen when it comes to taking care of a human life.

But I think there is hope out there. The senior home care field is growing. The changes that need to be made are finally being discussed. When discussion comes into play, there is more possibility of actual change.

AT YOUR DOOR, LLC is the in-home care provider is aware of the complaints. We started out our company with certain rules that are set in stone. One of the biggest one’s is to always hire the right people for a caregiving position. That is why we have the most caring, honest, reliable, and professional caregivers. We strive on only hiring people that we would feel comfortable with taking care of our own family.

Hiring Process:

  1. Talk to the applicant at length
  2. Make sure that the applicant really cares for the safety and well being of people
  3. Make sure the applicant is knowledgeable about the senior population
  4. Make sure the applicant has the experience needed to do the job
  5. Check References
  6. Do background check
  7. Do drug screen
  8. Do MVR check
  9. Have educational in-services
  10. Keep consistent communication with hired caregive